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How solar energy helps empower women in Uganda

Investing to achieve “gender equality and empower all women and goals” the UN Global Goal 5. Spend any time in rural Uganda and one of the things that will strike you is the level of gender inequality there. While Ugandan women often work outside (and inside) of the home, earning a wage as well as Read more

2017-12-20T15:27:48+00:00 December 20th, 2017|Market commentaries|

Investing to meet one of the UN Global Goals

As we look forward to a World Cup year, the English will again have to face that decision. Despite all the years of hurt, do you ignore reason and dare to hope again? Or do you just save yourself the inevitable, maddening frustration and emotionally disengage from the start? And why oh why are we Read more

2017-12-18T14:00:43+00:00 December 18th, 2017|Market commentaries|

Growing a Culture of Social Impact Investing in the UK

The reports attached below, published by an independent Advisory Group, looks at how to grow a culture of social impact investing in the UK. In 2016, the UK government set up an independent advisory group to answer an important question: How can the providers of savings, pensions and investments engage with individuals to enable them to Read more

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